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DRC: several preconditions posed by the opposition rally for their participation in the next elections

KINSHASA July 18 (Newsnetwork) -l Rally of the opposition led by Felix Tshisekedi has posited this Wednesday several prerequisites before taking part in the next elections scheduled for December in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a statement, the members of the rally indicated that the mentioned constraints would prevent the effective holding of provincial legislative elections, and presidential elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on schedule.

Among these prerequisites are, among other things, the extirpation of the electoral file of more than 10 million fictitious enlisted, but also the non-use of the voting machine and its withdrawal, which is not provided in the electoral calendar of the Independent National Electoral Commission nor in the electoral law.

There is also the effective implementation of the measures of political relaxation, the revitalization of the CENI, with the replacement of the delegate of the union for democracy and social progress, in the person of Jean Pierre Kalamba current rapporteur of the CENI

The opposition rally is also demanding an announcement on Joseph Kabila’s non-representation for a third term.

The Gathering also underlined the fact that the UDPS has submitted the list of candidacies to its members at the provincial level, demonstrates its goodwill and its determination to go to the elections scheduled for December 23, 2018.

« Given the gravity of the current situation fueled by the provocative initiatives of Joseph Kabila’s regime, which threatens the electoral process, the stability of the country and the institutions, it is obvious that the gathering will not accompany the power in place. in his plan to create chaos in our country through a parody of elections, « they added

In the same statement, the opposition rally invited the Congolese population across the country to mobilize and take control of their destiny for fair elections in December 2018, while insisting on the respect of the established and signed texts.

It should be noted that the G7 coalition, a political group that supports the candidacy of Moïse Katumbi in the elections have not signed this document, despite their membership in the Limete rally.

This Thursday, President Joseph Kabila will speak in front of the two chambers of the parliament gathered in congress. According to several analyzes, this speech is considered the most important in history where many Congolese hope to see President Kabila take a stand on his political future.


Yvon Isidore


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